Top 5 Things You Need to Take to a Festival

Beyond the standard issue tent and sleeping bag, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to packing for a festival. Some of you may go heavy on the toiletries and others on the food. There are some things, like portable speakers, which just one person in the group needs to bring. But before you start thinking about the luxuries, make sure the essentials are accounted for.


Loo Roll

Yes, you will have to go to the toilet at a festival. Holding it in won't do you - or anyone around you - any favours. So when you do at some point make your way to the portaloo, make sure you carry one of these when you get there. There may not be a roll provided and even if there is, it’s usually bargain basement. Take a little slice of home with you and pack some of the super soft stuff. You’ll also be able to mop up all manner of spills and bodily fluids that may be adorning the walls of your tent by the end of the weekend.


Camping Chair

Unless you literally have buns of steel, taking a portable chair with you is essential. Popping a squat on the ground is alright for a little while but not when you’re sitting around the campsite for ages waiting for your mates to get ready. And if it comes with a cup holder then having your beverage knocked over will be a thing of the past.  If you’re allowed to bring chairs into the arena, you can even sit away from the sweaty throng surrounding the main stage if you want, and pretend you’re a little bit more civilised than everyone else there.



Once the sun sets you’ll never be able to find anything in your tent without a light source, and if you’ve got a smartphone you’ll be wanting to conserve its battery as much as possible. Take a small portable or wind-up one and you’ll be set for the weekend. It’ll also come in handy if you get lost in a sea of tents on your return from the burger van and need to find your way back to camp.



Your body goes through a lot during a festival, so the least you can do is prevent it from being burnt as well. No-one wants to spend those few precious days peeling their skin off in the shade, so make sure you know what SPF to bring. Once you’ve got that figured out, consider taking spray instead of cream: it’s easier to apply and won’t make as much mess.


A pair of Catseye Diffraction Glasses

A beautiful array of of bright colours, costumes, and lightshows, there are few better places to use these at than a festival. Much more than a means of hiding your bloodshot eyes in the morning, Catseyes change the way you see the world, so they’re a great way to make friends as well. Get someone to try them on and their jaw is guaranteed to drop. Because why wouldn’t you want rainbows dancing on your eyeballs?