Our Signature Lenses


When we started in 2013, our competitors were using diffraction grating film smudged between two clear lenses. While this worked in theory, it created for a very blurry image. We decided to laser-etch diffraction grating straight onto triacetate lenses themselves, creating the best visual experience possible. Using 13,500 lines of diffraction per square inch, anything more or less was either under or overwhelming.

We also offer numerous tint options for whatever mood or setting you're in.


featuring the Flower of Life sequence – a sacred geometrical pattern that is thought to be the origin of life itself. This timeless piece is finished with a reflective rainbow coating, allowing you to see purples, blues, and yellows like never before.

  • Using a flatback lense for better photographic results
  • Using crystal instead of glass, which can be a bit top-heavy for day-to-day use

In 2017, we introduced the wormhole and cubism lenses, and our heavily awaited monocles.

Love Hearts / Snowflake / Other 3D Patterns

Taking the diffraction technology further, we toyed with the idea of projecting 3D patterns into the field of view through diffraction. 

Are they the same as Love Specs? Kind of - we do love their company, but believe that their product can be better. If you guys are reading this, we'd love to work with you.