Substance-free psychedelic eyewear.

Many moons ago, a cool chap by the name of Sir Isaac Newton held a prism against the sun and discovered that light was made of seven distinct colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet - the colours of the rainbow.

In 2013, Catseye was born under the notion that a slight change in perspective makes a world of a difference. Mixing the study of psychology and art, combined with a deep-rooted love for electronic music, we wanted to create a tangible way to change how people saw the world.
We have pioneered the use, design, and manufacturing of diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses in the UK. Our specs create unique visual psychedelic experience only-before attainable using substances, and are the perfect accessory to music festivals, raves, and any setting where light sources are abundant such as fireworks displays, art installations, and light shows.
See differently. 

Our Story

While studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Leicester, I developed an interest in psychedelics and its uses in historical and modern societies. Through this, I had become fond of psychedelic art, which often depicts the changes in visual perception reported upon use. 
It was during a trip to the Philippines when an overly enthusiastic friend came up to me saying, 'You need to try these!'. In an instant, I was swimming in a sea of kaleidoscopic rainbows; lights dancing back and forth, in a way that I've never seen before. All this, while stone-cold sober. I was speechless, and right then and there, I knew I had to bring these back to the UK shores.
Catseye was founded under the University of Leicester's Enterprise Program in 2013, pioneering the use, design, and production of diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses in the country, and is now based in London.