As the leading designer and manufacturer of diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses, we have a bulk production capacity rate of up to 1 million units per month, no client is too big, nor too small.

These glasses sell themselves. A user tends to put the glasses on, experiences an awe like never before, then typically passes on to the nearest human being. These are some of the most viral products we've seen in 8 years of product development, and is a perfect way to create lasting memories at an event, and a tangible way to spread brand awareness.

For wholesale inquiries, retailers, and corporate/event merchandising, and university society merch/giveaways, please email

Frame Types

  • Paper and Cardboard Diffraction Glasses
  • Polycarbonate Diffraction Glasses
  • Corporate and Promotional Glasses
  • Custom Frame Design and Branding

Lens Types

  • Line Diffraction
  • Love Heart Diffraction 
  • Crystal Kaleidoscope Lenses
  • Snowflake Diffraction
  • Custom Lens Design and Branding